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As a manufacturer we are able to cater for your specific needs and wishes. Our production, settled in Black Forest, Germany, provides standardized as well as individual solutions for your snow plows and winter service.


Over 10 years of work experience and manufacturing for all kinds of moldboard manufacturer, a high level of expertise as well as a numerous variety of cutting edges have been developed. And the journey continues. Take a look at our current portfolio.


Steel blades MS

MUTTER steel blades are made of high quality wear-resistant steel with a hardness between 450 and 525 brinell. In this context, the steel blade easily removes frozen snow and even relieves icy roads.
Users, who are looking for an aggressive snow removal and a long service life are well served with the MUTTER MS. Any and all issues regarding snow plowing are solved with ease, no matter in which altitude your work takes place. *


*the steel blade is not applicable on cobblestone pavement

combination blades MK

The MUTTER combination blade is a composite blade, made of wear-resistant steel with a hardness of 450 brinell and rubber, which was designed for especially high performances and specially formed ceramic parts.
The combination of those three materials provides aggressive snow removal and very good sliding properties as well. Due to the long service life and consumptionsaving characteristics, the high performance combination blade is very costsaving above everything.

rubber-ceramic blades MGK

MUTTER rubber-ceramic blades are made of a specific rubber mix, which was designed for especially high performances and are available with or without an additional steel blade to secure the right assembly of specific snow plows.
This blade contains ceramic pieces, which are embedded in the middle of blade to guarantee a long service life compared to rubber or polyurethane blades. The ceramic is specially formed to protect them against slipping or breaking. Additionally the special form provides better sliding properties and smooth running.

rubber blades MG

MUTTER rubber blades are made of a special rubber mix, which was designed for especially high performances. Rubber blades are manufactured as molded parts and are available with or without an additional steel blade to secure the right assembly to specific snow plows.
These blades are developed and designed to absorb any noise. This secures a silent and gentle removal. Therefore, these rubber blades are often used on sensitive routes like cobblestone pavement.

rubber-texture blades

MUTTER rubber-texture blades are strengthened through the use of embedded texture. As a result, these blades are very wear-resistant, hardy and tough. At the same time, rubber-texture blades are extremely elastic and shock absorbing.

These aforementioned characteristics, make this blade is a very efficient yet gentle and resistant alternative, which is highly recommended for the snow removal on cobblestone pavement.

elastomere blades MEG 90

MUTTER MEG 90 blades have been developed especially for the usage with smaller equipment, such as smaller ploughs. It enables you to clear the road even more efficient and more economizing.

Our Elastomer blade stands out with a hardness of 90° Shore. Furthermore, it is extremely gentle, stable and resistant, which makes it an economic alternative compared to polyurethane blades. Wherever you need to go easy on sensitive undergrounds, the MEG 90 might be the perfect solution!
Additionally MUTTER solutions is able to offer different profiles, depending on your plough

PCS Greenline

The latest product innovation from MUTTER: The new PCS Greenline combines the proven beneftis from polyurethane blades with all qualities from MUTTER. With a hardness of 90° Shore A, the PCS is both gentle and wear-resistant. It furthermore shows shock absorbing and noise absorbing effects and goes easy on machines and surfaces.


The synthetic material which has been especially developed through advanced technology, is prefered by users who like to achieve a very gentle and silent snow removal.

steel wear parts for earth-movers

Wherever maximum abrasion resistance is needed, our wear parts for all types of ground engaging machinery, are a good choice.


The different models like cutting edges, bolt-on edges and arrow-edges vary in shape, best suited to your needs. Each wear part can be tailored individually.


Please contact us for more information about cutting edges, prices and more. You can easily use our contact form on this website or give us a call (phone +49 157 501 117 21).


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