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Discover MUTTER solutions` high quality cutting edges now!

MUTTER solutions is your reliable and competent partner for efficient snow removal and wear parts.

Our mission and guideline is based on three simple pillars: Competence - Quality - Service.

As a manufacturer, settled in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany, our core competency is all about producing high quality cutting edges for snow plows. Over many years, Mutter solutions has developed a high expertise as well as specialized products to guarantee efficient snow clearance. Our collaboration with established suppliers and our selection of only the latest equipment and high quality raw materials, has paved the way for effective snow removal and safe roads through MUTTER. Everything we do has a single objektive: Providing clear and save roads, public squares and highways.

Despite the growing portfolio and different product lines, we guarantee to maintain a high level of quality throughout our company. Therefore MUTTER is working strictly according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality management and is certified by TÜV Germany.

Cutting edges from MUTTER, since 1999.

Founded by Erich Mutter in 1999, MUTTER started as a professional distributor for spare parts for winter service machines like snow plows and spreaders. A few years later his son Michael Mutter took over the company and moved away from the distribution business and started its own production of cutting edges for snow plows.

Today, over 17 professional and experienced employees produce and sell MUTTER blades throughout the world.

One important key to our success is the ability to modify products individually and quick. As a medium-sized manufacturer we are able to adapt our production of MUTTER blades to your needs. Subsequently, you will achieve the best possible clearing result. Nonetheless, standardized and approved products can be offered as well

High quality product development and individual service.

MUTTER cutting edges minimize your expense, due to the saving of switching costs and the great sliding characteristics, which help to save fuel. For producing MUTTER blades latest equipment and high quality raw materials are used every day to provide an efficient snow removal. We guarantee a high expertise as well as specialized products to guarantee a long service life and the optimal adaption to every requirements like the surfaces of roads or different weather conditions.


Our trained and professional workmen are competent persons of contact who will be able to offer high quality personalized advice at any time and any place. Private persons, service providers, communities, cities, world-famous manufacturers and worldwide distributors rank among our longtime customers all over the world.

Did you know?

All of our products are manufactured in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany. In the middle of the Black Forest, our cutting edges are handmade, while a constant check is kept on the quality of the production. Moreover, every single blade is labeled with a indvidual code to guarantee the tracking of the blade, to ensure safety and quality issues.


In case of any questions, critics or comments, please don´t hesitate to contact us at any time. Use our contact form to send us your mail to m.taubert@mutter-solutions.com . We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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