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Snow is made for skiing - not for traffic.

No matter if you are travalling through your city, on the highway or other roads, snowfall can shut the traffic down. Wherever cutting edges made of rubber and polyurethane don´t get the job done, our MK combination blade or MS steel blades get started.
The combination of steel, specialized rubber and wear-resistant ceramic inserts connect perfectly to provide an efficient clearing and great results. These blades even handle frozen snow on long roads without any difficulties.


Steel and combination blades can be produced in many different heights, lengths and thicknesses to match your needs perfectly.

Providing clear and safe roads.

You are supposed to be safe, even before entering your car! Sidewalks, public squares and parking lots hold a massive risk for pedestrians. A thorough snoe clearance is neccessary to protect from danger.

At the same time, the surfaces at these places are often very sensitive and need to be treated gently, to avoid damages and follow-up costs.



Sounds like a tough challenge? We´ve got the solutions:

Cutting edges made of wear-resistant rubber and polyurethane.

Where salt spreaders fall short, our cutting edges get going

Ensuring cleared roads and and a safe way home.

Inceases the efficiency and simplifies the work

Steel wear stripes for earth-moving equipment and spare parts for your winter equipment

100% made in Germany

Welcome to the Black Forest - a region well-known for tradition and handmade products

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